Administrative Districts of Yerevan

Armenia’s capital and principal cultural, artistic and industrial center, the city of Yerevan is divided into 12 neighborhood communities or administrative districts to contribute to the effective local self-government and territorial management. The districts in their turn are subdivided into neighborhoods (up to 8), each with its own chief and elected councils.

They include:

  • Achapnyak
  • Avan
  • Arabkir
  • Davtashen
  • Erebuni
  • Kentron
  • Malatia-Sebastia
  • Nor Nork
  • Nork-Marash
  • Nubarashen
  • Shengavit
  • Kanaker-Zeytun

Kentron or Center Community comprises the city center and is made up of 5 neighborhoods: Small Center, Noragyugh, Nor Kilikia, Kond and Aygestan. It has common borders with the districts of Arabkir, Achapnyak, Nor Nork, Nork-Marash, Shengavit and Kanaker-Zeytun. This is where the city’s best museums and theatres, stunning hotels and fine restaurants are found. Such attractions as the Republic Square with its renowned ‘dancing’ fountains, the awe-inspiring Cascade Complex, Matenadaran – museum of ancient manuscripts, are just a few examples that are a ‘must’ while visiting the Center Community. Some of the best hotels in this district include: Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan, Golden Tulip Hotel Yerevan and Golden Palace Hotel Yerevan.

Bordering Hrazdan River to the north and west, the Kentron to the south and Kanaker-Zeytun to the east, Arabkir district is the third largest in Yerevan, made up of five smaller neighborhoods. Its main thoroughfare is the famous Komitas Avenue, filled with fine shopping venues and various restaurants and cafes. Northwest of Arabkir district visitors will find the district of Davtashen, also called Davitashen or Davidashen.

The bustling Avan district houses the mega entertainment complex called Play City, offering every kind of activity to satisfy children and adults alike. From playing bowling to enjoying zipping around the racetrack to battling at the paint-ball center, game enthusiasts will have a great time here filled with unforgettable moments.

Also famous are the Erebuni district with its exclusive Erebuni Museum, Kanaker-Zeytun housing several universities, as well as such landmarks as the 17th-century Surb Hakob (Saint Jacob) Church and the Holy Mother of God Russian Orthodox church of the 19th century, and the district of Nor Nork best known for its wildly exciting Water World amusement park, located conveniently in a green area between the Botanical Gardens and the Yerevan Zoo.