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Life is too short not to enjoy it to the full. Some people prefer clubs and pubs, others climbing mountains, the rest dancing and singing, a fourth group love exploring the nightlife, while there is also the fifth group of people whose one and only goal in life is traveling. Travelers also are divided into several types, those who are interested in mainly sacred sites, those who opt for the archaeological sites hoping to witness the archaeological findings as well as to contribute to the excavat...
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  • Dendropark Stepanavan
    Located in Lori Province Dendropark Stepanavan was founded by Polish engineer-forester Edmon Leonovich in 1933, who was the park’s director until 1984. The botanical garden covers an area of 35 ha, out of which the 17.5 ha is occupied by the natural forest and the 15 ha by ornamental trees. Notably, Dendropark is considered the first natural forest landscape in the Transcaucasus that was converted into a forest park. There are currently over 500 species in the park most of which were acquired by and from Yerevan Botanical Garden. The best time to visit the park is the July to November period, including late November.
  • Devil's Bridge
    Devil’s Bridge is located in Vorotan River Canyon, east of Tatev village, in the depth of 700-800 meters with sun rays hardly ever reaching the bottom. It is 30 meters long and is 50-60 meters wide and is surrounded by mountainous springs. The waters of the springs have given pink, yellow and green coloring to the rocks of the canyon. At the edges of the bridge there are stalactites loosely hanging. As you look at the bridge you see a small and thin river flow under it, which comes out as a deep one from under it. Not being able to interpret neither that, nor the geological processes in regard to the bridge, locals used to consider it “devil’s work.”
  • Dilijan National Park
    Dilijan National Park is renowned for its forest landscapes, biodiversity and mineral water springs, which are thought to have curative and healthy traits. While walking around you will see the various mountain ranges in which the park seems to be embraced, as well as the River Aghstev flowing from Pambak mountain range, beautiful Parz Lich (Clear Lake) and Tzrkalich (Leech Lake). The park also encompasses some of the most beautiful and remarkable Armenian monasteries and churches, among which are the monasteries of Haghartsin, Goshavank, Jukhtak and Matosavank and the Church of Akhnabat.
  • Garni canyon
    Located around 30 east of capital Yerevan the spectacular and glorious Garni Canyon stands out with its polygon columns and the vertical cliffs. The canyon is believed to be formed millions of years ago. It was caused by volcanic eruptions. But the site would definitely not be this impressive if it had not gone through the cooling and solidifying processes of the boiling lava. The gorge can be reached by two ways – via a road that starts not far from the Temple of Garni and via a road that passes through the village.
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