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Mozrov Cave

Mozrov Cave Mozrov Cave

Generally referred to as a country of sacred sites, particularly churches, Armenia very often doesn’t appear appealing to many people who have no interest in such places. But is that the overall picture of Armenia? Definitely no; sacred sites do have great significance to Armenia but this country is not limited to only them. Armenia can be the right destination for those people for whom the rush of adrenaline is a primary demand to visit a particular country.

If you ever wondered if there is another world on our Planet Earth, then you should simply book a ticket to Armenia, as it will serve as a stairway to that other world where you will simply be taken aback by the wild beauty of a cave that was discovered only in the recent years and which arouses the admiration of every single person who enters it. It’s the Mozrov Cave.

Mozrov Cave: General

The wonderful Cave of Mozrov is located in Vayots Dzor province, near the city of Yeghegnadzor. Had not a road construction taking to Mozrov village been launched, the cave would probably remain unknown until today. Strange as it can sound, this miraculous cave was discovered only 30 years ago and since then has attracted a great number of nature and adventure lovers, tourists and locals.

Inside the cave there is a large diversity of natural geological formations, which are so unique and seem to be so carefully carved that if in other cases you would believe that only nature could be the author of such a wonder, then now you might doubt even that. The cave is truly glorious and it is due to the stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, columns, flowstone, cave bacon, draperies and rimstone dams that make up the base of the cave.

Mozrov Cave: Getting in

The entrance is steps away from the road taking to Mozrov Village. Especially for first-timers it might be really hard to get into the cave as the entrance is from the above. The way down might seem rather perilous, especially as you step on the boulders and small stones. The complete exploration of the cave guarantees not only a great time but also moments you might never experience again.

Going deeper into the cave you will appear in the mouth of cave, then you will see the crocodile formation, which will be followed by the memorable stalactites and stalagmites that will cause endless admiration and surprise. Furthermore, you will come across the Tower of Pisa and the pipe organ. Taking photos is not forbidden, so make sure you have a camera to eternalize your visit to this impressive cave full of uniquely colorful formations not every cave can boast of.

Mozrov Cave: Peculiarities

  • The cave is easily accessible due to its location next to the main road.
  • The cave includes a huge variety of speleothems. Among them are Stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, columns, flowstone, bacon, draperies and rimstone dams.
  • The cave’s formations have one unique feature – they are multi-colored.
  • The cave is large enough to provide a thorough view of the formations.
  • A complete tour through the cave can last from 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • The cave is high in elevation (around 1560 meters).
  • The cave is not far from other attractions worth to be visited in Armenia.

Mozrov Cave: Nearby Attractions

Areni Village – After the excavations revealed the oldest leather shoe and the 6,100 year old winery, Areni Village appeared in the limelight of many people interested in archaeological sites and studies. The studies are yet not completed and the area is yet not fully studied, so every visitor might hope for being the next person whose finding might strike the world. This village is also popular for the wine festival that’s being held there since 2010 and has already become a traditional event for people throughout the world.

Arjer Cave – The cave is located in Yeghegnadzor. It’s the longest in Armenia. The cave got its name from the numerous bones of cavern bears found in it (the English word for “arj” is bear). Compared with Mozrov Cave this one might not appear as attractive as the latter, but it still will bear interest for people who love exploring caves. Note that these caves are very raw and it is recommended that you not enter them without a skillful guide.

Magel Cave – Also spelled Magil cave, this cave includes numerous narrow passages and tunnels and most importantly, a large colony of fruit bats. This cave will not attract those people who avoid bats or are scared of them, but if you love adventures, then you should pay a visit to it. Just be careful so as not to awaken the bats. Again, an experienced guide is a must.

Noravank Monastery – Located in the Gorge of Noravank this monastery attracts with its unique architecture and narrow and small stairs, which make it a real challenge to climb and come down the stairs.

Smbataberd – This fortress was presumably founded in the 5th century, and though it’s currently in ruins, as a piece of history it still preserves its beauty and is worth to be visited. Smbataberd means the “Fortress of Smbat (Smbat was the Prince of Syunik).

Yeghegis – Yeghegis was one of the richest cities of Armenia, where tourists can visit the Zorats Church, a Jewish cemetery and see a number of inscriptions.

All these places are situated within a close distance and therefore can be included in one or two-day tour.

Lastly, you will be a lucky person if the day you are visiting the cave is sunny, or at least not cold and rainy, as the last two natural phenomena might make the hike really challenging. But even despite that be sure you will fully enjoy the cave’s stunning view and the majestic scenery opening form it.