Regions and Major Cities

The whole territory of Armenia is divided into ten regions, which are called "marz" (province), each with its own interesting and attractive places to visit. Yerevan is not included in any province and has a special administrative status as a capital city. Read on to make a ‘virtual tour’ throughout Armenia, choosing the very places you would not like to miss during your visit to this vibrant country bursting with history, life and culture! Aragatsotn Region Located in the wester...
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  • Abovyan
    Found to the northeast of Yerevan Abovyan has a population of 45,000 people, covers an area of 7,08 square kilometers and is 1450 meters above sea level. To the northwest of the city Geghama Mountain Range proudly rises, while the north is “strengthened” by Hatis and Gutanasar mountains. The city’s climate is usually cool irrespective of the time of the year. Summers are never too hot, but the winters might be really cold with lots of snow. The name Abovyan has to do with Armenian writer Khachatur Abovyan after whom the village was named and up to this day the city is known with this name.
  • Armavir
    Armavir is situated in the region of Armavir (the region and the city bear the same name) and it takes around 40 minutes to get there from capital Yerevan. The city was initially known as Sardarapat. During the Soviet period (until 1992) the city was known as Hoktemberyan, and this is important to note as many people even so many years later call it Hoktemberyan. If you can’t stand the heat, then summer is not a good time of year to visit the city as summers can be really hot. Winters are usually cold but not so cold that you will not be able to explore the city.
  • Artashat
    Artashat is presently one of the most advanced and developed cities of Armenia, which has so far left no tourist with disappointment or dissatisfaction. Present-day city of Artashat was founded in 1962. In the place of the city there were villages, which were merged in the mentioned year and Artashat came into existence. It is located 10 kilometers north-west of Historical Artashat and covers an area of 2507 hectares out of which 1264 hectares bear agricultural significance. The city’s population is around 25,000. Artashat was i nitially named “Artashashat” meaning the “joy of Artashes” (Artashes is Armenian King who founded historical Artashat.) Later the second “sha” in the naming was contracted and the city came to be known as Artashat.
  • Ashtarak
    Located rather close to Yerevan, Ashtarak is one of the most popular Armenian cities will surely meet all your requirements regarding a memorable travel. Ashtarak is the administrative capital of Aragatsotn Province and has held that title since 1995. The city was formerly a village and was proclaimed a city in 1970. The city’s population is around 21,000. It is located 19 kilometers north-west of capital Yerevan and lies on the banks of Kasagh River. The abundance of historical and architectural monuments in the city simply amazes. Ashtarak is also famous for viticulture and wine-making.
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