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Resort cities and towns could be defined as an entire package of tourist attractions as they offer everything and anything that a tourist might be interested in, and perhaps that is why these cities are the first ones to appeal to the tourists. The difference between ordinary Armenian cities and resort cities/towns is noted momentarily as the latter are not only more developed than the rest but also offer services and activities that make them a dream place for the soul. The idea behi...
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  • Aghveran
    Located in Kotayk Province, on the left bank of river Dalar, Aghveran is a lovely place surrounded by mountains, forests and beautiful natural sights. Newly constructed and renovated hotels with comfortable rooms and modern amenities are ready to accommodate vacationers of any taste and will provide a cozy stay in Aghveran health resort. Aghveran is only a 40 minute ride from noisy Yerevan and is a wondrous place rich in nature and fresh mountainous air.
  • Dilijan
    Enclosed in natural and evergreen forests Dilijan is one of the best resort cities in Armenia with rich wildlife and over 2000 types of trees. Locals call Dilijan “Armenian Switzerland.” It is located 93 kilometers from Yerevan in Tavush Province. This resort city has always been a favorite place of scientists, artists, moviemakers, composers and renowned people living in the territory of former Soviet Union and is presently a great destination for hikers, mountaineers and nature lovers from all over the world.
  • Jermuk
    Jermuk is a spa city annually hosting a huge number of tourists as well as people from all over the world who go there for health and treatment purposes. The mineral waters of Jermuk have been used by both ordinary people and Armenian princes to treat various diseases. Some of the diseases that are presently treated in the spa town are – diseases of gastro-enteric tract (such as gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenum), diseases of urogenital system (such as inflammation of urinary bladder and chronic inflammation of sexual organs), diseases of respiratory and nervous systems and so on.
  • Sevan
    Established in 1842 by Russian new-comers Sevan was named Elenovka, after the daughter of Paul I of Russia and was renamed Sevan only in 1935. It is located 66 kilometers north-east of capital Yerevan, on the north-western shore of Lake Sevan. Sevan greatly stands out with its water resources as well as cultural monuments. It’s where every person is sure to find a harmony, breathe the healthy mountainous air and enjoy the marvelous and natural views staying away from the noise and annoyance.
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