Sacred sights

If you simply pass by a shell and ignore it, you will never know what it contained. What if there resides the most precious pearl? So no matter how exhausted, dirty or unattractive it appears to you, you should open it up. This is a rule of life; never ignore things that come on your way. Everything in this life bears some meaning, and each of those things appear in our life to teach us, to educate us, to help us, to make us smarter since only that way we can get mature and wiser, and finally, f...
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  • Akhtala Monastery
    Akhtala monastery is located 114,885 miles north of Yerevan and is one of few orthodox monasteries in Armenia erected in the times of Armenian Renaissance. In the 12th-13th centuries the monastery was more known among people as Pghndzavank. It was called so because of the rich copper mines found there. The name Akhtala is thought to be first mentioned in 1438, and it means “white glade.”
  • Aruch Cathedral
    Aruch Cathedral grabs attention not only with its architecture, frescoes and historical record but also with Aruch Palace ruins found at the cathedral. According to Armenian historian Yeghishe, during the reign of the Arshakuni kings Aruch used to be the winter camp of the royal army. The settlement became popular during the reign of Prince (Hayots Ishkhan) Grigor Mamikonyan (661-685). Aruch Cathedral is the largest medieval domed hall cathedral among Armenian churches. It was built during the reign of Armenian Prince Grigor Mamikonyan and Catholicos Anastas Akoretsi, probably in between 662-666. The construction was initiated by Armenian Prince Grigor Mamikonyan.
  • Ejmiatsin Cathedral
    Mother Cathedral of Holy Ejmiatsin/Mayr Tajar Surb Ejmiatsin was built in 303 upon St. Gregory the Illuminator’s vision and is 20 kilometers from Yerevan. Gregory the Illuminator had a vision in which he saw Jesus Christ descending from heaven with a gold hammer and hitting the ground with it, that way indicating the spot where he wanted a church to be built. Today Ejmiatsin cathedral is the center of the Armenian church where the Catholicos of All Armenians resides. The cathedral is surrounded by beautiful gardens and structures.
  • Garni Temple
    Built in the place of an Urartian Temple Garni Pagan Temple in Armenia is the only wholly preserved sample of Hellenistic architecture in Armenia. The temple represents a Greco-Roman peripeteros. Other than the marvelous temple, there are other things to see at the site as well. Among them are the Fortress of Garni, the khatchkars of Garni, the Garrison, the founding stone, the ruins of the Saint Sion Church, the ruins of Mashtots Hayrapet Church, the summer palace, King Argishti I’s cuneiform inscription and the royal baths.
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