Hotels in Armenia

Armenia doesn’t cover a large territory and belongs to the list of smallest countries in the world, yet despite this the country’s splendid beauty and unique architecture have always amazed visitors. Armenia is where people get convinced that the nature is alive and seems to constantly whisper in your ear and tell you details about the history of Armenia and its highlands. Those who have managed to hear these whispers have surely got to know the miracle of this country better than the rest. 

Armenia is a country of mountains. Being the first country to adopt Christianity as state religion Armenia can also be called a country of churches. Nevertheless, the architecture of Armenian churches and monasteries is absolutely different from what visitors might have seen in other or their own countries. The culture of this country is unique and impressive. Armenian people stand out with their extreme modesty and humbleness and innocent desire to help.

As usual, every country does their best to beautify the capital city and so is in case of Armenia, but the country’s true spirit is felt more in the rest of the cities like Gyumri or Dilijan. It’s where the real level of living is revealed as well as the traditions become visible. 

Armenia offers many rewards for a traveler, not only its sacred and natural sites have a pulling power but also its archaeological sites and fortresses attract huge attention. Especially important are the country’s archaeological sites where you might go back through years and appear in a time period when Armenians were still forming as a nation or the history of Armenia was getting a starting point.

Hotels in Armenia vary as much as the interesting sites visitors are offered to see. Compared with large countries, hotels in Armenia are not so many in their number but the number is quite sufficient for the size and the amount of tourists that visit Armenia each year.

Booking a hotel in Armenia is quite easy. The hard part is to decide what exactly you need – a world class luxurious hotel with the best accommodation, a modest yet luxurious hotel with convenient accommodation options or a simple hotel just to spend the night there. Those people seeking luxury should know that not all the cities can boast of a luxurious hotel, so sometimes visitors will simply have to opt for a more modest hotel, in case of staying in a particular city(for example, hotels in Vanadzor City). Hotels in Gyumri City vary a lot; Gyurmi is a city of masters and here the hotels masterly vary – from a simple hotel to a luxurious hotel where visitors might feel as a real royalty. 

Especially, hard can be the choice with hotels in Sevan City. It’s where Lake Sevan, the beautiful pearl of the Armenian Highlands is located, and the city is completely busy during summer season.

People planning to visit the marvelous province of Syunik where Tatev Monastery and the longest ropeway in the world are located generally spend a night there, particularly in one of the modest hotels of Goris.

On the whole, in all the cities the hotels basically have a central location and are not hard to find. All the hotels offer free Wi-Fi and parking. In general, the hotel rooms include cold and hot water, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a hairdryer, a minibar, a makeup and shaving mirror, shower, bathrobes, slippers and a satellite TV. Another thing to take full advantage of are restaurants of the hotels, which serve delicious Armenian cuisine and wine; some of the dishes to try by all means are harisa and tolma. 

So no matter what your ultimate purpose is – to shop in Armenian cities, visit the places of interest or solely get to know Armenian people and their culture, just book your hotel in advance and enjoy your time and rest to the full.