Medical Centers

Yerevan is home to a range of medical centers scattered in its different administrative districts that provide multi-profile medical services to meet the needs of any patient. Here are the most popular ones.

Apollon Medical Center

Apollon Medical Center has been operating since 2005. It collaborates with neurosurgical, neurological, maxillofacial clinics and diagnostic laboratory for proper diagnosis and treatment and offers the following services: stomatology, neuropathology, sonography, massage, lazerotherapy, plastic surgery, gynecology, and cardiology. The staff is comprised of dentists, a neurologist, a gynecologist and a sonographer.

Location: Zoravar Andranik District, Raffi Str., Building 55
Phone: (374 10) 749678, (374 10) 329467

Arabkir Joint Medical Center

Arabkir Medical is a child focused center and provides services in the spheres of allergology, stomatology, gastroenterology, gynecology, endocrinology, pulmonology, hemodialysis, psychology, dermatology, microsurgery, nephrology, neurology, periodic disease, rheumatology, surdology, resuscitation, surgery, traumatology, urology and otolaryngology. It comes with 9 departments – chest age children department, otorhinolaryngology department, infectious illnesses department, pediatrician department, revival and intensive therapy, hemodialysis department, nephrology department, urology department and surgery department. Throughout the year the center provides medical care and assistance to thousands of children and teenagers. The staff is comprised of experienced doctors regularly being trained in Armenia and abroad.

Location: Armenia, 0014, Yerevan, Mamikonyants 30
Phone: (374 10) 236883
Fax: (374 10) 284170

Arfa-Med Hearing Aid Center

Arfa-Med Hearing Aid Center is committed to helping people with bad or impaired hearing to return to the world of sounds. The center also provides help to people with hearing injuries. Special attention is given to children hearing issues, solutions and aids. The center is equipped with up-to-date diagnostic equipment.

Arfa-Med Hearing Aid Center collaborates with Swiss Bernaphone and American Starkey. They both are innovators in the field of earphones.

Location: Armenia, 0002, Yerevan, Saryan Str., 2 Building
Phone: (374 10) 525222
Fax: (374 10) 589257

Armenia Republican Medical Center

Armenia Republican Medical Center is one of the most popular medical centers of Armenia specified in multiple fields. The hospital has the following departments – cardiological, pulmonary, obstetric, endocrinological, urological, oncological, gynaecological and stomatological. It also offers medical physical training, speech therapy, acupuncture, hyperbaric oxygenation, X-ray, computed tomography, functional diagnostics, EKG, surgery, pregnancy pathology and ultrasound diagnostics to name but a few. The hospital has clinical-diagnostic, bacterial, serological biochemical and cellular laboratories. The hospital works 24-hours.

Location: Armenia, 0078, Yerevan, Margaryan Str., 6 Building
               (adm. district: Ajapnyak)
Inquiry service: (374 10) 318 109, (374 10) 318137
Emergency medical service: (374 10) 318103

Avanta Stomatology and Cosmetology Medical Center

Opened in 2002 the slogan of the Avanta Stomatology and Cosmetology Medical Center goes like this «Beauty is our profession.» In this regard, the center spares no effort to improve the look and enhance every single person's beauty. Everyone is treated individually. The center comes with up-to-date equipment and innovative techniques in both spheres.

Avanta Clinic of Modern Stomatology – Avanta is translated as “forward.” It offers the following services:

  • Orthodontics (at any age) – bite correction (brackets system), invisible orthodontics – invisalign, correction of teeth position at periodontitis, rational orthodontic preparation for prosthetics.
  • Therapy – Teeth whitening , complicated caries treatment (Endodontic treatment), aesthetic teeth restoration,  Composite veneers
  • Orthopedy – prosthetics on implants, prosthetics non-metal ceramics on “Procera” oxide zirconium basis, ceramic veneers, ceramic-metal artificial limbs, clasp artificial limbs of any complexity, demountable laminar artificial limbs, technology “Cerec.”
  • Surgery – all kinds of implantation of any complexity, wide choice implantation systems, cosmetic and reconstructive-paradontological surgery, qualified teeth extraction, fully outpatient surgery.
  • Paradontics – exclusively complex approach to the treatment of parodontosis.
  • Hygiene and prophylaxis – professional treatment of oral hygiene, caries prophylaxis, program for pregnant women.
  • Diagnostics – digital orthopantomography, radiovisiography, electro odontometry.

Avanta Clinic of Modern Aesthetic Cosmetology – The clinic is focused not only on enhancing the beauty of women and girls but also men. The clinic offers laser cosmetology, instrumental cosmetology, aesthetic surgery,

  • Laser cosmetology – The laser used in this clinic helps reach most desirable results. It offers skin laser rejuvenation, laser epilation, laser polishing (removal of hems, wrinkles, pigmentary stains), laser removal of benign neoformations, such as papilloma, keratoma, birthmarks and wart, acne treatment, laser removal of tattoos and laser removal of vessels.
  • Instrumental cosmetology – With the help of instrumental cosmetology patients can achieve their desired contour of face and body. It offers ultrasonic therapy, vacuum massage, lymphatic drainage, miostimulation and electroepilation.
  • Aesthetic surgery – This surgery offers removal of skin benign neoformations, papillomas, keratoma, warts, birthmarks, scarring, atheromas and xanthoma.
  • Dermatological department – The dermatological department offers such skin disease treatments like acne, dermatitis, demodicidosis, carbuncle, contagious molluscum, vitriol, lichen, dermatomycosis, rosacea, seborrhea, streptococcal impetigo, furunculosis, itch, sharp eczema, dysbacteriosis, herpes, vitiligo, melasma, vitiligo, alopecia and cellulitis.
  • Therapeutic procedures – The procedure helps with skin rejuvenation. It offers mechanical peeling, viofitopeeling, all kinds of chemical peelings, superficial (within an epidermis horn layer), median (to basal membranes), deep (to the papillary of derm layer), mesopeeling and professional dermatological and home skin care.
  • Spa procedures – Spa procedures include infra-red sauna, all kinds of wrappings, relaxing, chocolate massage, aromatherapy, marrakech hammam, stonetherapy, body peeling and solarium.
  • Injection cosmetology procedures – These procedures include mesotherapy, mezodissolution, biorevitalization, botox, dysport, hyperhidrosis, correction of facial wrinkles, face contour, modeling the shape and volume of lips.

Location: 0010, Yerevan, Armenia, 15 Hr. Qochar, 5 Zakyan, 8 Isaakyan, 14 Mashtoc, 4 Njdeh
Phone: (374 10) 262299, (374 10) 536891, (374 10) 528434, (374 10) 461282, (374 10) 521195

Cardiological Clinic

Cardiological Clinic, Clinical Hospital N3 – The clinic includes two departments – the department of somatic cardiology and department of intensive therapy. The hospital staff is regularly being trained in CIS and Europe and also attends medical conferences and summits held there.

Location: Armenia, 0015, Yerevan, Dzorapi St., Building 40
Phone: (374 10) 537163, (374 10) 537021

Vicmed Center of Aesthetic Medicine

The center offers surgeries of face and other parts of the body.

Facial surgeries include rhinoplasty, septoplasty, eyelid plastic surgery, stretching of the face skin (SMAS and superficial), plastic surgery on the ear lobes, smoothing of the wrinkles with the injections (Restilyne, BOTOX), peeling and contour plastic of lips.

Body part surgeries – chest, thigh skin and shoulder skin stretching, breast augmentation, reduction and reconstruction, liposuction, plastic surgery of anterior abdominal wall, wrist surgery, scar removal and so on.

Location: Armenia, Yerevan, Komitas 43/1
Phone: (374 10) 282282, (374 91) 282282

Center of Medical Genetics and Primary Health Care

Center of Medical Genetics and Primary Health Care was established in 1998. It's the only center in the entire South Caucasus providing comprehensive genetic and molecular testing services. It all is being carried out along with basic and clinical research and molecular diagnostic programs. It consists of 9 departments offering the following services – biochemical analyses, cardiological examinations, citogenetic analyses, dermatological services, diagnosis of birth defects, gynecological counseling and services,  hormonal analyses, immunohistochemical analyses, male and female infertility examinations and treatments, medical genetic counseling, molecular diagnosis infections, molecular genetics diagnostics of hereditary disorders, prenatal testing services, recurrent pregnancy loss examinations, therapeutic services, ultrasound examinations and genetic counseling and theraupetical services.

Location: Armenia, 001, Yerevan, Abovyan street, Building 34/3
Phone: (374 10) 544367
Fax: (374 10) 544366

Fertility Center in Yerevan

Having established the slogan "we do not promise whta is impossible, we do all that is possibe" the center offers help and treatment to women and men despite the stage of their infertility.The hospital patients are not solely Armenian. Patients from Russia, France, Germany and USA as well arrive in Armenia to attend this fertility center. The center offers the following services – ultrasound exa, follicle monitoring, stimulation of ovulation, clomid, femara, gonadotropin injections, insemination, in vitro fertilization, egg donor and yoga classes.

Location: Armenia, 001, Yerevan, Abovyan Str., Building 34/3
Tel.: (374 10) 544368

Medest Aesthetic Medicine & Modern Cosmetology Clinic

The clinic was established in 2004 and offers anti-aging services similar to those being offered in European and US clinics. It's equipped with latest equipment of the beauty sphere and best products of world leading brands, which can be purchased right form the clinic. The center provides spa procedures as well.

Location: Armenia, 0001, Yerevan, Abovyan St., 16 Building, 3rd Floor, Area 5
Phone: (374 10) 522939

Erebuni Medical Center

Erebouni Medical Center is one of the largest medical institutions in Armenia, found in the Erebuni area of Yerevan City. It currently contains 30 departments and combines clinical, research and educational strengths. With the main objective to make contribution to the improvement of the health care system of Armenia, the center constantly enhances the quality of medical services by cooperating with the leading clinics of the USA, France, Austria and Japan. The Erebuni center also features up-to-date equipment, which has supported the implementation of the latest achievements in medicine and improved the quality of diagnosis and treatment.

Location: Armenia, 0087, Yerevan, Titogradyan Street, Building 14
Phone: (374 10) 471 102, (374 10) 471750, (374 10) 430303
Fax: (374 10) 458287

Medsyst Medical Center

Medsyst Medical Center was reopened in 2010 by Dr. Seyed Ali Abloabib. Dr. Seyed Ali Abloabib is a prominent expert in Iranian traditiona medicine. The center is equipped with modern technologies. It offeres neurlogical, cardiological, gynecological, ophthalmological and dental services.

Location: Armenia 0014, Yerevan, Hrachya Nersisyan 12/6
Phone: (374 10) 299201, (374 10) 299202, (374 10) 299203, (374 10) 299204

Nairi Medical Center

Recently reconstructed and renovated in 2004, Nairi Medical Center offers the highest standard of healthcare in a calm and comfortable atmosphere. A full range of imaging services and radiology procedures are offered. They include ultrasound, X-ray and MRT. Due to the co-operation with the leading clinics and international companies, the center continues to enhance the ability to diagnose and treat and provide the best service.

Location: Armenia, 0015, Yerevan, Paronyan St., Building 21
Phone: (374 10)537500, (374 10)537521
Fax: (374 10)536622

Mikaelyan Institute of Surgery

Founded in October 1974, Mikaelyan Institute of Surgery is a powerful multiprofile center boasting 12 surgical departments and a diagnostic department featuring modern, state of the art equipment. Interestingly, the center has performed over 110,000 operations during its 37 years of surgery practice. The center offers the following departments: general surgery, urgent and laparoscopic surgery, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, hepatology, urology, coloproctology, intensive care, clinical laboratory, orthopedics and plastic surgery and more. The Institute is cooperating with National Center of Surgery of Russian Academy of Sciences, Federal Immunology Institute of Moscow, Westchester Medical Center (USA), Charite Medical Center (Berlin) and Institute of cardiovascular surgery after Bakulev (AMS Russia).

Location: Armenia, 0052, Yerevan, Ezras Hasratyan St., Building 9
Phone: (374-10) 281970, (374-10) 281990
Fax: (374-10) 282222

Shengavit Medical Center

Shengavit Medical Center is one of the leading private multiple-discipline medical-diagnostic centers of Armenia, providing services like obstetrics, oncogynaecology, operative and endoscopic gynecology, testicular biopsy, PGD (pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis), reproductology that includes IVF and ICSI, as well as micro- and plastic surgery, vascular surgery, ENT, anesthesiology and resuscitation, stomatology, diagnostic center, clinical laboratory and more. The center is modern, well-equipped with contemporary technologies and conveniences. The construction of a new building of Shengavit Medical Center has been developed and approved and is planned to be completed in 2012.

Location: Armenia, 0006, Yerevan, Manandyan 9 street
Phone: (374 10) 443373, (374 10) 449503
Fax: (374 10) 449503