Armenian people have come a long way, and in various periods have acquired different characteristic features, yet one thing that’s peculiar to every Armenian no matter in what age they lived is the love for their motherland and their Christian faith. It’s that love and their faith that have kept them united, and it’s due to those features that they have steadily walked and entered the 21st century.

Armenians are one of the oldest nations in the world. Their history goes back to thousands of years ago; they are the contemporaries of such powerful nations as the Babylonians and the Hittite. Today both Babylonians and Hittites are just a history while Armenians are writing and creating theirs.

Armenians call themselves “Hay” and their homeland “Hayastan.” The love for their homeland is expressed everywhere; in art, literature and even daily work. Being located in the crossroads Armenia has not only continuously become a battlefield for many nations and tribes, but has also appeared under their rule and has spent long years under foreign control. In regard to this, presently every Armenian is thankful for living in an independent republic, which they spare no effort to develop.

Armenian People: Patriots

As already said, Armenians love their homeland and most of them will choose to live on bread and salt in their homeland than enjoy a rich life somewhere else. If there is any danger threatening to their homeland, they will momentarily unite and struggle for peace and the preservation of their land.

Armenian People: Men

Armenian men are perhaps one of the bravest and most courageous ones in the world. They will never surrender and it sometimes feels like the most common feeling that’s called fear has surpassed Armenian men. There are various legends describing their strength and bravery.

Present day Armenian men (not all, of course) are very hot-tempered and jealous. The jealousy refers to not only their loved ones, but also their mothers and sisters.

Armenian fathers… In all likelihood there is nothing sweeter than Armenian fathers and nothing warmer than their embrace and hugs. Even the most serious and gloomy Armenian man seems to put down his seriousness, bad mood and anger as soon as he sees his baby.

Armenian People: Women

During battles and wars the Armenian woman has always been the embodiment of hope. Equal to men, Armenian women have fought and fallen for their country.

Present day Armenian women and girls could be divided into three groups – career-devoted women, family-devoted women and women who combine both.

Young Armenian girls always wish to be in the center of attention. The majority of Armenian girls love wearing makeup and short dresses and skirts. Shorts are also part of their wardrobe. They do that partially to attract the desired attention and partially for their own self and satisfaction. As you see them walking in the streets, you might think they have just come out of the beauty salon, while only very small number does so as almost each girl is her own beauty provider. Nevertheless, the way the girls dress has very little in common with how they behave. The outerwear should not be “misinterpreted” as most of them are very virtuous and respectable.

Armenian mothers – All mothers love their babies and kids. But there is something very special about the love of Armenian mothers. Firstly, as soon as the Armenian girls or women learn about their being pregnant the whole world seems to turn upside down. They change, and dedicate all of their attention to the care and health of their baby.It should, however, be said that in line with the love and care Armenian women are very impatient and intolerant with their kids.

Armenian People: Elderly People

Elderly Armenian people are usually very different from those living in, for example, Europe. Those living in Europe usually don’t consider themselves old and continue enjoying their life and living it to the fullest, while Armenian elderly people usually stay at home. The only activities they usually perform are visiting relatives and friends, receiving guests, and very short walks in the evenings. They are usually very modest and humble.

If they have grandchildren, then they focus all their attention on bringing them up. Other than that, they love telling about their youth and the crazy things they used to do. Sometimes those stories might be very boring and sometimes funnier than the funniest jokes you ever heard.

Armenian People: Children

Armenian children are just like all kids around the corner of the world with the one exception – Armenian parents bring up their kids teaching them they are the best. Armenian parents are usually very strict and demanding, though. One thing they educate in their kids is that they must learn if they want to stand out among others as well as achieve their goals and therefore, the goal of every kid since his young age is to study and enter a university.

Still ten-fifteen years ago Armenian children spent most of their time outdoors playing different games. But today you will hardly see them play. The games Armenian children once used to play are the most entertaining and funniest games ever created, yet present day children are very little aware of them. Instead, they play computer games or spend their time in social sites.

Armenian People: Religion

Armenians were the first nation to adopt Christianity as their state religion. It was in 301 and since then they have remained loyal and faithful to their Christian faith.

Present-day Armenians are very religious people; yet don’t expect to see people preaching about Christianity in the streets. They keep their faith inside them and don't impose their religious views on anyone.

Armenians frequently visit churches and sacred places, hoping that way they will feel relieved and ease their pain or sorrow. Faith is the first thing they rely on whenever there is some trouble or misfortune.

Armenian People: Characteristic Features

  • Armenians are considered to be one of the most hospitable nations in the world and are very friendly. The friendliness is especially expressed towards foreign guests; they do their best to satisfy them. If you visit an Armenian family, be prepared to be fed and in most cases you will be “forced” to taste everything offered to you.
  • Armenians are very jealous people. It mostly describes men but women are no exception. If you learn the person you are talking to is engaged, married or has a boyfriend/girlfriend, then do your best to keep at bay.
  • Armenians are very self-confident, and they are sure they are always right. Don’t even try to persuade them they are wrong because they will give you thousands of reasons why they are right.
  • Armenians are impatient people.
  • Armenians are not punctual. If you make an appointment with an Armenian, then in most likelihood he or she will be late for five minutes, if you are lucky. Sometimes they might be late for over an hour, especially if the appointment is with a girl. Note that this doesn’t describe all, but the majority.
  • Armenians love eating and love tasty foods. Armenians are meat lovers; therefore all the dishes you might taste in Armenia are usually meat made or at least contain some meat.
  • Armenians don’t like changes much. Perhaps it has to do with their history. They like things as they are.
  • Armenians are not morning larks and they love sleeping until afternoon. This habit seems to be changing, though.
  • rmenians are very smart and clever people. Science, art, sport – in every sphere, especially if it has to do with thinking skills and abilities, Armenians have always stood out and amazed everyone with their knowledge.