More Europeans are visiting Armenia

More Europeans are visiting Armenia

Located on the eastern border of Turkey, the country of Armenia offers a rich blend of time-tested traditions, scenic vistas, ancient architecture, exquisite cuisine, inspired artistry, and the perfect place to travel to on your next vacation.

More than ever before, Europeans are saving with fixed rate bonds for an unforgettable trip to Armenia to experience the appealing blend of history and modern beauty in a country that is affordable to visit. Steeped in religious significance, Armenia offers a bounty of experiences that tie into the nation's holy history. As the first officially Christian country in the world since 301 AD, the countrysides prominently feature some of the world's oldest churches and monasteries set against breathtaking natural backdrops. The monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin, the cathedral and churches of Echmiatsin, and the monastery of Geghard have all made UNESCO's World Heritage List, along with other secular sites, such as the Archaelogical Site of Zvartnots and the Upper Azat Valley.

Take in the towering Mount Ararat which sits above the skyline, painting a grandiose vista against the horizon, while holding biblical significance as the place where Noah's Ark landed after the Great Flood. However, as the highest mountain in the world from its base, rather than from sea level, the impressive natural monument offers stunning scenery for both the religious and non-religious visitors. Secular history abounds in the region as well. Stand on the Silk Road to channel the allure of the past as you observe the bridges and caravanserais (ancient hotels) of antiquity. Boasting glimpses into history, Armenia is home to many unique treasures, such as housing the world's oldest shoe, dated to be 5,500 years old, as well as the world's oldest winery found in Areni Cave. The region brings visitors back in time as they share a peek into the lives of our oldest ancestors. Art lovers and artifact aficionados will all enjoy the ancient rugs and carpets of Armenia, which are showcased in showrooms throughout the country.

The country prides itself in a long-standing history of crafting stunning carpets and rugs, with the world's oldest carpet hailing from Armenia and currently being displayed at a museum in Vienna. For those seeking a more relaxing and modern vacation, sit back and simply enjoy the flavors of Armenia. With a time-honored tradition of healthy and organic cuisine, savor the delicious food of the country, which is perfectly complemented by the pomegranate wine and sophisticated cognac—must-try items during a visit to Armenia. To top it all off, enjoy a sweet taste of the Arat Valley with the sun-kissed apricots, native to the region, with Armenia serving as the homeland for this delectable dried fruit. From religious relics and ancient history to culinary creations and artistic endeavors, more Europeans are visiting Armenia to take in the rich history and inspiring offerings of the country's past and present.

11:16 March 22, 2013