Things to Do in Yerevan

As they say the great city is the one, which has the greatest men and women, this is true but is this enough to attract tourists? No way, because the tourist needs something enticing and stunning to be drawn to a particular city, and Yerevan has it all. She not only has a long history and historical places to see and admire but is also a rapidly growing city, which does its best not to fall behind and to offer her visitors not only most beautiful things to see but also very interesting things to do, from idling around the city to visiting pubs and restaurants, doing shopping in one of the most popular shops and stores, or organizing a picnic in the beautiful parks or simply paying a visit to the museums, which are not only educating but also amazing.

Perhaps it’s this variety of activities and attractions that turn every person visiting Yerevan into a great explorer sparing no effort to discover more and deeper. In this regard, Yerevan has succeeded considering that the number of tourists is continuously growing. If you are planning a visit to Yerevan and do not know where to start at, follow this travel guide to make your Yerevan vacation a memorable experience you’ll not forget!

The list of things to do in Yerevan is never limited to two or three. If you love eating out in restaurants, then you will enjoy every moment spent in the Yerevan restaurants since they are not only a place for having something but also a place where people dance, sing and simply have fun. Restaurants are one place where you will hear Armenian dance music, generally known as “rabiz” music, which though is being greatly criticized by “advanced” Yerevanians, still you will not find a single Armenian just sitting and eating in the restaurant. They are all dancing and it’s great considering that they always approach tourists and offer to teach them Armenian dances. That’s one thing you will love.

Visiting Yerevan clubs or pubs is another activity not to miss. If you want to learn how the Armenian youth thinks or behaves, then visiting a Yerevan pub or a club is a must do. That’s where you will not only see the youngsters dancing the night away but will also join them and enjoy that. Interestingly, at some point you will find yourself the only person dancing there. Yerevanians love new dancing styles, and if you turn out to be a skillful dancer, then they will simply stand somewhere and watch you clapping and throwing looks of appreciation and admiration.

Nightlife in Yerevan is absolutely vibrant and lively. Whether you want to watch a movie, go clubbing, listen to live music or simply walk around the city, Yerevan will not disappoint you. There are places that are open from the afternoon until morning, so you will fully live up your nightlife adventures. Some clubs and pubs to visit are the Friends where you can dance and sometimes the pub also offers dance classes, Beatles where the best of this most popular band’s songs is performed, or the Patephone café where you will enjoy retro music and live guitar performances. If you want to watch a movie and yet don’t want to go to movie theaters, consider Café 7 Cadr, where you can order a movie or simply take the movie you’d like to watch and enjoy your time. Night clubs in Yerevan are of no less interest, and why not, at least once during your visit you can go there. The nightclub girls are usually pros invited from abroad and the strip dances performed by them are not only impressive but also very artistic and skillful. If you, however, wish to stroll around the city, then make sure you appear in Cascade or in the Victory Park from where you will enjoy the most splendid views of night time Yerevan.

One thing not to miss in Yerevan is shopping, no matter what kind of shopper you are or what you are looking for – an elegant latest fashion dress, sport clothing or just a few souvenirs, Yerevan will meet your needs. The best and main clothing stores and boutiques are situated in the center of the city, more precisely on two sides of Northern Avenue and the Mashtots Avenue. If you are in Yerevan at the end of a particular season, then you are more likely to purchase the clothes at discounts reaching 70 percent at most. Some of the most popular clothing stores offering outwear for both men and women are Debenhams, Next, Just Brands and Brandroom. The best souvenir shops are found on Abovyan Street, Mashtots Avenue and of course, in the eminent Vernissage.

If you are dealing with a city that has an age long history, during which not only new values are being formed but also prominent people are being born and new art directions are being founded, it’s no surprise that it includes a myriad of museums, which represent both Armenians and Yerevanians better than any tour guide would. Those museums are where the secrets of this nation are hidden but never in a way as not to let you explore or discover them. So another thing to do in Yerevan is to make a list of museums to visit. Some of the most popular and worth-a-visit museums are the Crafts Museum on Abovyan Street, the National Gallery and the History Museum in the Republic Square, Cafesjian Museum of Contemporary Art in Cascade, Matenadaran Manuscript Museum on Mashtots Avenue and so on. If you have some interest in the Armenian history, particularly are aware of the Armenian Genocide and would like to learn about it, then you should definitely visit the Genocide Museum in Tsisternakaberd, and if you know at least some of the most renowned Armenian writers and artists like Hovhannes Tumanyan and Sergei Parajanov, respectively, then a visit to their house museums will not be less stirring.

Yerevan is not so much full of green places considering that on almost all green places cafes have been built and buildings erected. In this regard, the less you have of something, the more you love it. So Yerevanians simply adore their parks and gardens, and that’s where you should go if you want to organize a picnic or just have some rest from the city noise, which dominates the entire city from early morning until late at night. Parks are a good escape, in this sense. If you love merry-go-rounds, shooting from rifles, of course not real, or sailing a boat, then consider the Victory Park. If you are in love or are traveling with your sweetheart, then consider the Lover’s Park, which is all day long full of lovers kissing and hugging each other, nevertheless seniors and kids visit the park too. A more family friendly park is the Tumanyan Park, perhaps the most beautiful in Yerevan. Parks in Yerevan are where you can breathe fresh air, relax, think, consider, dream and of course, spend a good time as well as get acquainted with hospitable locals.

If you strive for adventures and entertainment, then the primary entertainment place to visit in Yerevan is the Play City, which offers such games and side shows, which cannot be found anywhere else in the region, including billiard, carting, bowling, catapult, VIP Cinema, laser shot, mini gold, paintball and so on.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that a small city like Yerevan can offer this much, but it does offer and it’s her main advantage over many other capital cities in the region. Representing a combination of the antique and modern worlds Yerevan will keep on dwelling in your memory for a long time because it cares for each of its guests and never fails to offer them unique and individual attitude and approach.