Zvartnots Airport

Rome was not built in one day, neither was the Zvartnots International Airport. Constructed in 1961 it passed a long way of modernization, renovation and reconstruction to acquire the look and state it now has. From the point of construction it should be said that due to the blow-by-blow consideration of every single detail the airport appears not only modern but also perfect. It’s presently one of the most beautiful airports provided with every contemporary technology and facility that will definitely meet the needs and requirements of all visitors.

The airport includes a number of cafes and restaurants where both the travelers can spend a nice time while waiting for their departure time, and those people who are waiting for the arrival of their relatives and friends. Other than that, the airport has been enriched with shops where travelers can get anything they might think of, from souvenirs to toys and beverages.

The airport works round the clock and has a transit zone. The services it offers involve the transit and transfer of passengers, including permission to visit the city.

It should be noted that despite the many services Zvartnots Airport offers its customers, still, it does not provide visa prolonging.

Zvartnots Airport: General Info

Yerevan Airport is known as the Zvartnots International Airport. It is located 12-15 kilometers (7-10 miles) from the center of Yerevan. It provides services to transit and transfer passengers. Direct flights to and from Amsterdam, Athens, Beirut, Kiev, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, London, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Prague, Tehran and Vienna are conducted. VIP section for departures and arrivals costs 25,000 Dram (around $100).

The taxi will charge around 3,500 to 5000 Dram (around $9-$13) from the airport to the city center. The distance between the airport and the city center is 12 kilometers (7 miles).

In general, over 34 airlines operate from the Yerevan-based airport and fly to 60 routes around the world. Some of the major Airlines that serve Zvartnots International Airport include: British Airways, Air France, Armavia, Air Baltic, Aeroflot, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines and Emirates Airlines to name but a few that fly in and out of Yerevan Airport. Most air-traffic to and from Europe is scheduled very late at night and the airport is well equipped to handle it. The new terminal has ‘chez-lounge’-style seats, perfect for sleeping.

Zvartnots Airport Services

Zvartnots Airport offers the following services: Converse Bank exchange offices, restaurant and bars, shops, taxi service, information desks, parking and info desk.

  • Converse Bank Exchange Offices – Converse Bank Exchange Offices are available at Terminal I check-in area, VIP Terminal and Arrival level. There are four currency exchange units in the airport.
  • Restaurants and Bars – The airport includes a number of restaurants and cafes among them the Dili Jan, Segafredo, Lavazza and Pascucci. They are all available at all levels of the airport.
  • Shops – Shops can be found in Terminal 1 public sector, whereas Duty Free shops can be found in sterile zone. On the whole, the shops offer everything you might need, among them souvenirs, CDs, DVDs and newspapers. The airport has four Duty Free shops the main and most popular located in the Departures. This shop offers clothes, beverages, toys and sweets.
  • Taxi – The airport’s official passenger transporter is AeroTaxi, which works round the clock. The prices vary according to where you go. If you want to go to Yerevan, the service fee will make up 400 Dram and you will be charged 250 Dram per km (mile). If you are going to the regions, then the service fee will make up 600 Dram and you will be charged 200 Dram per km (mile).
  • Parking – The parking area of the airport can handle 600 cars. It’s situated in front of the New Passenger Terminal. The first ten minutes of parking will be free of charge, while starting at the 11th minute you will be charged 500 Dram for each hour. Payments should be made in cash. Other parking fees:
    • Daily car parking – 2000 Dram
    • One entry of a mini-bus – 2000 Dram
    • One entry of a bus – 5000 Dram
  • Infodesk – By means of tourism information desk tourists can learn about Armenia. It’s made possible due to a touch screen information stand.

The airport also offers Internet, fax, post office, car rental and baggage storage services.

Zvartnots Airport Cargo Terminal

Zvartnots Cargo Terminal covers a warehouse area of 10,000 square meters (107,639 square feet). It can annually handle 100,000 tons of cargo. All types can be handled (AVI, DGR, HUM, PER, VAL). It is available 24-hours.

Zvartnots Airport  Security

Security is very well organized in the airport. There are 150 surveillance cameras both inside and outside the airport. The airport’s aviation security department comes with the following structure: Access control subdivision, Passenger and baggage control subdivision, Pass and control subdivision and Technical control subdivision. Among some of the tasks the department performs are protection of airport territory, objects and aircrafts, search procedure of passengers, baggage, carry-on baggage, cargo, post, taking preventive measures in case of unlawful interference against civil aviation activity and so on.

Visa Types and Payments

There are four types of visas:

  • Visitor Visa (V) – Allows arriving in Armenia and staying there for 120 days at most. This visa is issued to tourists wishing to visit Armenia for such purposes as tourism, seeing relatives, business, transportation, medical treatment or a short stay. Nationals of certain countries can apply for this visa only with invitation. Among them are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, China (except for Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macao), Egypt, India, Iraq, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria and Vietnam.
  • A 21-day tourist visa costs $30. Visitor visa can be issued for single or multiple entries.
  • Official Visa (O) – Official visas are for holders of official or service passports. They are issued for official purposes for single or multiple entries.
  • Diplomatic Visa (D) – Diplomatic visas are for people who hold diplomatic status or passports. These visas as well are issued for official purposes for single or multiple entries.
  • Transit Visa (TR) – This type of visa is necessary if Armenia is just a stopping point. It is issued for a maximum of three years at the price of $20.

Visa Payments should be made in Dram. Children under 18 won’t be charged any fee for either of the visas. For the rest, the payments are as follows:

  • Visitor, single entry visa, up to 120 days of stay — 15,000 Dram.
  • Visitor, single entry visa, up to 21 days of stay – 3000 Dram.
  • Transit, single entry visa – 10,000 Dram.

Zvartnots Airport Historical Account

The airport was constructed in 1961. M. Khachikyan, A. Tarkhanyan, J. Sheqhlyan and L. Cherkezyan were chosen as the architects of the airport. The airport was designed H. Tigranyan and Armenian composer, artist and architect A. Meschyan. In 1980 the airport underwent renovation after which a new terminal area was opened. The purpose of this new area was to meet the domestic demands. Domestic demands imply demands within the Soviet Union, since then Armenia was a Soviet state.

Already in 1998 (after Armenia became an independent state) a new cargo terminal was built. It features modern technical equipment and carries the annual capacity of 100,000 tons of cargo. The cargo terminal’s modern technology meets the current requirements of accepting, storage, custom clearance and transportation.

In 2001, a 30-year concession agreement was signed with Armenia International Airports CJSC. It belongs to Argentine company corporation America, so eventually the agreement was signed with Argentine-Armenian businessman Eduardo Eurnekian. Upon the agreement, the airport was renovated and expanded, and the facilities and services were modernized. The ultimate goal was turn the airport into a significant tourist and commercial link between Asia and Europe. In 2004 a new international terminal was opened (it cost $100 million), which was followed by the opening of another terminal in 2011. Meanwhile, in 2006 the new arrival hall, and in 2007 the new departure hall started operating.

The terminal opened in 2011 is modernly equipped and has high earthquake stability. The façade of the terminal is made of glass, featuring the colors of the Armenian flag. The complex meets modern requirements and can annually handle up to 3,5 million passengers, twice more than in 2010.